Zamtel Velocity 3mbps price increased

Zamtel velocity 3mbps will now cost 450 Kwacha

Zamtel Velocity will entertain an upward change to their internet subscription on the 3mbps. Beginning first May 2021 the favourite subscription of 3mps unlimited costing 349 Kwacha for 30 days will be increased to 450 Kwacha.

“Dear Customer, note that effective 01.05.2021, your FAVOURITE VELOCITY 3MBPS Internet will be at K450. Enjoy superfast BROWSING, DOWNLOADS & STREAMING!” Zamtel message to its customers.

Of recent Zamtel Velocity 3mbps has been fuzzy and pathetic especially when you are streaming content. Also and occasionally normal web browsing will fail even on the recommended minimum user connections using the Zamtel router. YouTube and Netflix streaming however has remained superb and unaffected.

Zamtel Velocity SMS notification about the change in the pricing of 3mbps

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