Zamtel 4G internet is now the cheapest in town

Zamtel 4G internet offer cheapest 4G

Zamtel 4G/LTE data service for internet is now the cheapest in town a 10GB going as low as 250 Zambia Kwacha. A quick round at the competition reveals MTN 10GB goes on a special Sim Card called Home Pack and is offered at 260 Kwacha while Vodafone is 265 Kwacha. 


In comparison Airtel is the worst. Airtel Zambia Data Tariff from their website shows a whooping 700 Kwacha for 10GB.

A demo test of the 4G at the office revealed constant speeds of up to 3mbps. One test done at speedtest with a connection to a server in Zimbabwe went up to 15mbps download and 8mbps upload.


Share your thoughts. What is your experience with Zamtel 4G/LTE? Is Zamtel LTE Data as good in your area?


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