A List Of Zambian Mobile Phone Apps

Views on zero rating internet services in Zambia

ZERO Rating internet services is where the service of an ISP is zero-rated and only a part of the internet can be accessed. The best examples of zero rating internet in Zambia are the MTN, Airtel, Zamtel and Zamtel Velocity offers of free Wikipedia, Facebook, and WhatsApp on certain data bundles purchased. Zamtel Velocity Offers […]

Netflix Tax in Zambia

Zambian government opinion on Netflix tax

Zambia’s foremost leader opposition Hakainde Hichilema and the minister of Information and Chief Government spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya twitter exchanges revealed government opinion on Netflix tax. A while ago government proposed taxing WhatsApp? The tax was to fall on the individual users of the application. After seemingly an outcry from the social media usages the […]

Hai data price

Data problems should be a thing of the past says HAI

Data problems should be a thing of the past, says Hai in there latest post over on Twitter concerning the price of Hai data bundle. Hai a part of Liquid Telecom offers superfast Internet and interoffice connectivity to customers in the Home, Business and Enterprise markets. The Zambian technology market is filtered with high prices […]