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List Of A Thousand Well Known Websites That Will Go Down With Chrome 70

According to Scott Helme the below list of about 1000 known websites that are highly ranked at Alexa may go down if they don’t update their website security certificates. This follows up on Symantec distrust coming to the final showdown on 16th October when the new Google Chrome 70 rolls out.  I checked through the […]

Most Zambian Websites Will Be Affected by Chrome Starting Today

Chrome Flag Features Enabled In One Click Google Upcoming UI Features

Google everyday experiments with all sorts of features that are meant to help user experience to a more thorough intuitive and reflective. And now their is one interesting “Upcoming UI features” that Google has enabled. When Google is testing or experimenting with a feature they it lumped under flags and mostly Google wont even give a […]

Servers crucial to business apps and environment

A month of heightened security alerts

October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Its an annual campaign to raise awareness about cybersecurity. Core objective is building resilience in critical infrastructure been crucial to national security. The essential infrastructure systems that support the nation daily lives—such as electricity, financial institutions, and transportation—must be protected from cyber threat.   Such awareness affects all Zambian […]