Rest in peace Larry Tesler who made the copy and paste

Copy and Paste Rest in Peace Larry Tesler

If you missed the news Larry Tesler is no more. Lawrence Gordon Tesler more known as Larry Tesler was an American computer scientist who worked in the field of human-computer interaction. Tesler worked at Xerox PARCAppleAmazon, and Yahoo!

Larry was born on April 24, 1945, and passed on on February 16, 2020. If you don’t know Larry or never heard of him well you are definitely using his invention;

Larry was a computer scientist who made the cut, copy and paste commands simple to use

Lawrence Gordon Tesler (April 24, 1945 – February 16, 2020)
Larry Tesler

Anyone who uses the famous cut, copy and paste commands on their computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device has Larry Tesler to thank. He made the cut, copy and paste so simple and easy to use. He was the man!

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