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Internet and social media users in Zambia

How many internet and social media users are there in Zambia? While China tops the list with over 900 million users followed by India Zambia is way down on the internet users chain. But the number of mobile connections is amazing. Zambia has more than 16 million mobile connections equivalent to the total of the population.

In terms of percentage, Zambia accounts for only 27% of internet users out of the 17 million country population. Certain countries like Norway, New Zealand, Falkland Islands, Niue, Andorra, Aruba, Iceland, Brunei, Luxemburg, and Bahrain all registers beyond 90% of users.

Our neighboring Congo DR accounts only 8% internet users out of the massive population and Eritrea marks it all as the lowest with only 1%. Kenya is perceived to be a high user of the internet but it only has 8 million users out of 49 million people. Tanzania follows in the same manner with lower numbers of internet users.

Internet users in Zambia

According to the latest Wikipedia article by July 2020, there were 4.7 million internet users in Zambia. Also to note is –

  • The number of internet users in Zambia increased by 595 thousand (+16%) between 2019 and 2020.
  • Internet penetration in Zambia stood at 24% in January 2020 and 27.85% in July 2020.

Social media users in Zambia

  • There were 2.30 million social media users in Zambia in January 2020.
  • The number of social media users in Zambia increased by 360 thousand (+19%) between April 2019 and January 2020.
  • Social media penetration in Zambia stood at 13% in January 2020.

Mobile connections in Zambia

According to Data Portal, there were 16.00 million mobile connections in Zambia in January 2020.

The number of mobile connections in Zambia increased by 861 thousand between January 2019 and January 2020. The number of mobile connections in Zambia in January 2020 was equivalent to the total population.

Almost every mobile connection in Zambia has internet but the larger handsets used by many do not have data service and or is used by people who are illiterate to using internet technology. Thats why internet users in Zambia is lower at 27% of the population.

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