How To Solve Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck On 10%

How To Solve Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck On 10%

This is a complex problem with a really simple solution; Patience. That’s all.

The other day out of desperation i requested a user to shutdown the machine just because it staid on the scanning and repairing drive (c:) for an hour plus.

The lack of patience actually blew up into a more messier situation. I now had the NTFS Stop Code and all manner of Microsoft Windows troubleshooting known to me failed failed.

Booted into recovery mode and tried to restore no restore point
Tried a startup repair and reset windows to factory defaults but still nothing. 

Final solution: I picked up the drive scanned it externally then booted into recovery mode and chose Command prompt to perform CHKDSK /R.

Restarted the machine to run the chkdsk /r that was interrupted earlier and waited patiently. 

After 4 hours of scanning and the Windows machine stuck on the same % boom it jumped to 100% and my machine restarted.

Older machines used to run scandisk quickly because the volume of the drives was small. Remember when you had 250GB you were the king.

How To Solve Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck On 10% 1

128GB was the maximum hdd capacity for Windows ME, NT, 2000 and XP without any SP installed

These days we have terabytes in desktop computers. So imagine Windows OSes going through exactly  1.0 TB  which has approximately 1,953,125,000 sectors.

Patience here plays a extreme factor else you can reset your machine to factory. And if that fails otherwise a new and clean installation of Windows has to be commanded.

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