Windows 10 1903 September 2019 update is more secure and links your android phone to the pc

How to download Windows 10 1903 September 2019 update

Two ways to download Windows 10 1903 September 2019 update while you are connected to the regional internet hub. Firstly through the Windows Update Assistant and secondly through the creation of Windows 10 installation media.

The Update Assistant can help you update to the latest version of Windows 10. To get started, click the linkĀ Update now.

Windows 10 installation media is my favorite way to update Windows 10 because it allows me to create a bootable disk which i can later use for updates on several machines. To create the media click and download the Windows Tool

To benefit from a smooth Windows 10 update ensure to install the latest servicing stack update (SSU) for your operating system. SSUs improve the reliability of the update giving you a smooth process and mitigate any potential issues that may arise before the latest cumulative update (LCU).

Windows 10 1903 September 2019 update is all about doing more with less. Microsoft has added more ways to control your Windows experience, with fewer clicks and less clutter.

From my experience, Windows 10 1903 update is faster and more secure. It also links my pc to my Android phone so that now i can accept or receive calls on my pc aside viewing my phone documents and photos.

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