Coffee Break At Lensesview 1

Coffee Break At Lensesview

We here at Lensesview have reached a higher state of mind. While meticulously crafting content to enlighten the Zambian we have elevated to another dimension where we have spent ages enhancing our cognitive development, growing infinitely wiser and more experienced.


In this surreal place called Lensesview Project, we’ve finally found the answer to the question humanity has been asking itself since the dawn of time: ‘What is the meaning of life?’


And now, thanks to us, that question has an absolute and indisputable answer: ‘Coffee’. Coffee is the answer to everything, the key to every lock, the source code to the Universe. Coffee powers our bodies and minds and it’s what our souls are made of.


Also, it’s a universal fact that when coffee takes the form of a question (‘Coffee?’) the answer will always be ‘Yes, please’, so…


~driven from Cryout Creation

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