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Google Big Data and Machine Learning

Google believes that in the future, every company will be a data company. Because making the fastest and best use of data is a critical source of competitive advantage.  Hence, beginning with App Engine in 2008 culminating into more services in 2017 is why Google launched its cloud console. Google Cloud provides a way for everybody to take […]

Google Cloud Services

Categories of Google Cloud Services

There are seven categories of Google Cloud services that are thoughtfully contained to help you run your Google project as seamlessly and make it easier as possible. The containment projects include the most commonly used Google Cloud services. Here is the list of the categories of Google Cloud Services in a brief summary Compute: A variety […]

What is Google App Engine 1

What is Google App Engine

What is Google App Engine? What does it do? Where can you get the service from? App Engine allows you to worry about coding your application and take advantage of the resources the application will run on because App Engine will do that for you. In Google Cloud technology, there are two common products that […]

Cloud Bigtable is Google's NoSQL, big data database service.

What is Google Cloud Bigtable and NoSQL?

Cloud Bigtable is Google’s NoSQL, big data database service. Definitely, you have heard of MySQL or Postgresql and SQL. Well here now is NoSQL. What is NoSQL mean?  Think first of a relational database as offering you tables in which every row has the same set of columns, and the database engine enforces that rule and other rules you […]

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12 Smartphone Retailers in Zambia

Here is a simple list of 12 smartphone retailers in Zambia. If you have more than appearing on the list kindly leave a comment and we add the missing retailers.     Zambia   No. Partner Address City 1 Mobile City Corner Cairo Road and Chiparamba Road, Lusaka CBD Lusaka 2 Mobile City Nkwazi Road, […]

Amazon Prime Day falls today on October 13th and 14th 2020

Amazon Prime Day is here

Amazon Prime Day is here starting today Tuesday 13th through Wednesday 14th October 2020. Its black Friday comes early on Amazon and if you are a prime member like me you can save big time on this two-day epic deals across thousands of items. Here are some of the stuff you can shop for Echo […]